Vol. II, No. 25
Thursday, November 12, 1998
Representative Office of
The National Council of Resistance of Iran
Washington, DC

Fearing Resistance's Growing Activities, Clerics Make Widespread Arrests, Iran Zamin News Agency, November 11

The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran issued a statement today indicating that the clerical regime's Intelligence Ministry announced that "three teams connected with the assassination of Assadollah Lajevardi" (the Butcher of Evin prison) and "a senior Mojahedin member" have been arrested.

This hollow show of force follows the successful completion of a month-long publicity and protest campaign by the Mojahedin in 517 cities.

A Mojahedin spokesman said in this regard: "Fearing escalated activities of the Mojahedin and expansion of social protests throughout Iran, the suppressive forces of the clerical regime have arrested a large number of youths and supporters of the organization as well as former political prisoners."

"No one has been arrested in connection with Lajevardi's punishment. Neither has any 'senior member' of the Mojahedin been arrested. By churning out these lies, the Intelligence Ministry intends to set the stage for torture and execution of prisoners and those arrested on political charges," he added.

The Mojahedin spokesman called on international human rights organizations to spare no effort to save the lives of those arrested.


Revolutionary Guards Set Fire To Piranshahr's Forest in Clashes With Local People, Iran Zamin News Agency, November 11

In the course of clashes with the people of Piranshahr (western Iran), on Monday, November 9, the Revolutionary Guards fired mortar shells and set fire to large parts of the Piranshahr forest. Fire began when Revolutionary Guards followed dissidents into the forest of the Jabr Hussein region to kill or arrest them.

In the course of this fire which continued until the next morning, large parts of this forest and 120 acres of pasture were completely destroyed.

The clashes followed a demonstration in Piranshahr two weeks ago, when the Guards Corps opened fire on people killing a 7-year-old child and wounding a large number of people.

Khatami Continues Regime's Pursuit of Nuclear Arms, U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing, November 10

QESTION: Do you think that President Khatami continues with the policy of his country pursuing nuclear weapons? Do you think he supports that policy?

MR. RUBIN: We've seen nothing to indicate that Iran has changed its determination in that regard that has resulted in our extraordinary efforts to try to stop countries from exporting products and assistance and technology that could assist in that. Our assessment of what the government of Iran is seeking to do in that regard has not changed.


Islamic Militants To Be Allowed Even Greater Influence in Iran Universities, Agence France Presse, November 11

Iran's parliament approved a law on Wednesday allowing Islamic militia and militant activists to play a more active role in universities.

The law in principle allows the militia, a force of Islamic loyalists, to "reinforce their presence" in universities and regulate cultural activities.

The paramilitary militia has launched a campaign to fight signs of Western culture in the Islamic Republic.

The move is likely to sharpen antagonism between the conservative-affiliated Basij groups and student activists in universities, who support Khatami.

There have been sporadic clashes between student activists and conservative hardliners in campuses or during political rallies.


Prague Monitors Terror Suspect Over Us-Backed Radio, Agence France Presse, November 9

PRAGUEŚCzech authorities said Monday that security had been increased after an Islamic "radical" fundamentalist was monitored seeking information about a US-funded radio station broadcasting to Iran and Iraq.

The suspect stayed in the Czech Republic until recently, and had been asking questions about the Prague-based Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), said an interior ministry spokesman.

The Lidove Noviny newspaper reported Saturday that a citizen of an Islamic country suspected of having taken part "in at least one terror attack" had stayed in the country since the summer, seeking information about RFE/RL.

Tehran said last week that it had decided "to downgrade its political and economic relations with the Czech Republic to protest against the launch" of the RFE/RL broadcasts.

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