Women, Voice of the Oppressed

Maryam Rajavi Calls for United Front Against Fundamentalism

On Friday, 21 June1996, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, delivered a speech to a huge audience of Iranians abroad in London. In her speech, entitiled, "Women, Voice of the Oppressed," Mrs. Rajavi spoke of struggle with gender based oppression, the necessity of forming a united anti-fundamentalist front, and the rights of women in future democratic Iran.

Reuters news agency reported on 21 June that:
Maryam Rajavi, a leading opponent of Iran's Moslem rulers, called on the international community on Friday to take a decisive stand against what she called Tehran's "export of fundamentalism and terrorism."
Rajavi, named by the Iranian resistance as president-elect of Iran, was speaking at a rally and concert in London attended by about 25,000 people in defence of persecuted women and intellectuals.

Maryam Rajavi addresses crowd of 25 thousand in London, calls for the formation of united anti-fundamentalist front

Massoud Rajavi: 25,000-strong gathering in London shows Resistance's President-elect enjoys majority support among Iranian people

Text of speech by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, June 21, 1996

Text of speech by Dr. Nawal Al-Saadawi, Egyptian novelist

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