Mohammad Khatami's Stance on various issues:

Enmity toward the West:

"We are fundamentally and profoundly opposed to Western civilization and culture which is engulfed in a serious crisis. We have some serious things to say and those who want to propagate their [the Westerners'] words, are of little weight to be considered as a serious threat."
Ettela'at, July 7, 1991

"Great Satan (United States of America):"

"The bullying attitude of America is cause for a dual disaster. Around the globe, American people have the shallowest of cultures. [They are] a bunch of bullying, knife-toting adventurers. The worst of Europe came together and went there [to the US] to find money. It is a culture without roots and based on the technology of force... Now, as a nation without the least culture, the Americans have most of the world's resources at their disposal. This represents a dual catastrophe for humanity."
Ettela'at, July 7, 1991

"I have said earlier that I respect the great American people… When we appreciate the roots of this civilization, its significance becomes even more apparent… I say I respect the American nation because of their great civilization…"
Interview with CNN, January 1998

Salman Rushdie:

"Salman Rushdie, the author of the book Satanic Verses, must be executed on the basis of the religious fatwa by His Eminence Imam Khomeini. He has no escape from this fatwa."
Kayhan, March 7, 1989


"If by freedom one means confronting the aspirations of this nation and the foundations of the Islamic Revolution and Islam, Iran's revolutionary people cannot accept it and will not allow it."
Kayhan, June 10, 1986

Video Tapes:

"We consider videos to be much more dangerous than drugs.... The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance is one of the most adamant opponents of legalising the use of video sets in the society."
Ettela'at, July 10, 1991


"As the country's chief  authority on  culture and art, I say that music is allowed in this country but improper music is banned."
Ettela'at, July 10, 1991

Women singers:

"Female singers are prohibited from solo performances in public in the Islamic Republic."
Ettela'at, July 10, 1991

Women and House Work:

"One of the major mistakes in the West has been women's emancipation which has disintegrated the family... Staying in the home does not mean being pushed to the sidelines. Looking after the home does not prevent one from a say in the destiny... We must not think that being social beings means having work outside the home. Housekeeping is among the most important tasks."
Salaam, May 11, 1997

Seeking a global "Islamic Republic:"

"We are seeking an Islamic and humane government in the world and this thought has grown in the Islamic Revolution and, God willing, this revolution will continue until the re-appearance of the Imam of Time [Twelfth Imam in Shiite Islam]."
Jomhuri-ye-Eslami,  18 May 1997

Brilliant religious activities:

"The largest enclave of exiled Muslims live in Europe. They were brilliant in their religious activities, particularly those relating to condemning Salman Rushdie."
Ettela'at,  July 10, 1991

First Islamic nucleus:

"By setting up 30 cultural centers in 17 countries around the world, The Islamic Republic has transferred the first nucleus of Islamic revolution so well that today, despite lack of resources, the voice of the Islamic revolution is being heard in the most remote regions of the globe."
Kayhan, August 30, 1986