Recognized Rights of Women in the Iran of Tomorrow

Excerpts from speech by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect June 21, 1996

1. Women's social, political and economic rights will be completely equal with men's;

2. Women will enjoy the right to free political and social activity, social intercourse and travel without the permission of another person;

3. Women's associations will be recognized and their voluntary organizations supported nationwide;

4. In order to eradicate inequality and dual oppression, special privileges in various social, administrative and cultural arenas will be considered;

5. Women will have the right to elect and be elected in all elections, and the right to suffrage in all referendums;

6. Women will have the right to employment and freedom of choice of profession, the right to hold any public or government position, and the right to serve as judges in all judicial bodies;

7. Discrimination between women and men in hiring and during employment is banned. Women and men will receive equal pay for equal work. They will receive identical retirement pensions, disability payments, children support and alimony and unemployment insurance;

8. Women will have the right to use, without discrimination, all instructional, educational, athletic and artistic resources, and will have the right to participate in all competitions and artistic activities;

9. Women will be completely free to choose their clothing and covering;

10. Women will be completely free to choose their spouses, to marry and divorce, and will enjoy the same rights as men.

11. Legal inequalities regarding testimony, inheritance, and guardianship of children will be eliminated. During pregnancy, child birth and child rearing, women will enjoy special rights and accommodations. Widowed or divorced women and the children under their care will be supported by the country's social welfare system;

12. Any sexual exploitation of women, under whatever pretext, is banned. Any coercion or imposition on women in family life, as well as marriage before legal age, is forbidden;

13. Polygamy is banned;

14. Employment of minor girl children is banned, and they will enjoy special educational privileges.