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Massoud Rajavi

Massoud Rajavi was born in Tabas, in 1947. After earning his degree from Tehran University in political science, Rajavi became a major influence in the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran’s (PMOI) modern interpretation of Islam. This was a result of his extended involvement, early on with deliberations on revolutionary theory, religion and history. He later became a member of the Central Committee.
In 1971, the secret police, domestic security and intelligence service established by Iran's Mohammad Reza Shah, (SAVAK) arrested and sentenced to death, all founders and Central Committee of the PMOI, including Massoud Rajavi. His death sentence was changed to life imprisonment due to an international campaign organized by Rajavi’s brother, Dr. Kazen Rajavi. As a result, Rajavi spent the next seven years in jail before he was set free in January 1979.
Massoud Rajavi announced the formation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on July 29, 1981. In the time after the NCRI was formed, mass arrests, imprisonment and executions of PMOI members by the mullah’s dictatorship accelerated. It was during this critical time Senators Gary Hart and Edward Kennedy wrote to Massoud Rajavi, to declare their support for the Iranian people’s just resistance, in 1984. Toward the end of the Iraq-Iran War, Rajavi aided the formation of the National Liberation Army, which eventually forced the mullahs to sue for peace in 1988. The Iranian people who had suffered during the war supported this decision.
Massoud Rajavi first led the PMOI and the NCRI organizations, and would later be led by Maryam Rajavi, wife of Massoud Rajavi. Massoud Rajavi devoted most of his time to the organization and supporting its efforts and above all, restoring democracy to Iran.

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