Workers in Abadan oil refinery, Losrestan's agro-industrial complex stage strike
-NCR's Labor Committee urges condemnation of Iranian workers' suppression

In the wake of the spread of workers' strikes in recent weeks, and particularly those at Abadan's oil refinery and Lorestan's agro-industrial complex, Chairman of NCR's Labor Committee called on the UN Secretary General, the president of the International Labor Organization and all labor and human rights organizations to condemn increasing economic and political pressures against Iranian workers and support the striking workers.

Workers at Abadan's oil refinery staged a strike on Monday and Tuesday, protesting the expulsion of a number of workers at the refinery and extremely low wages despite exorbitant costs of living.

Numbering more than 1,000, the striking workers were also expressing their support for the refinery's contract workers who are hired with lowest possible wages and fired after a short while.

Workers at agro-industrial complex in Lorestan province (western Iran) also staged a strike on Monday in protest against the non-payment of their wages and benefits. They were also protesting financial corruption, embezzlement and misuse of the complex's revenues by its managers.

The workers were particularly angry over the handing over of the complex's various units to those affiliated with the managers of complex and the misuse of its profits.

As the economic situation has deteriorated in recent months, there has been a dramatic rise in workers' strikes and protests. In December, there were 19 major strikes involving thousands of workers and employees in different industrial and economic centers across the country .

Committee on Labor
National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 19, 2000

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