Berlin court ruling affirms mullahs will never forgo espionage and terrorism
-Iranian Resistance calls for closure of Tehran's missions in Germany

A Berlin court's conviction of an intelligence agent of the clerical regime and the exposure of the Intelligence Ministry's extensive activities in Germany reaffirmed that the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran will never abandon terrorism and espionage. Once again, it became clear that Khatami's rhetoric about "de'tente" and "dialogue of civilizations" merely disguise his aim of securing greater political and economic concessions from Western countries.

Regrettably, the weak sentence for Hamid Khorsand does not in any way match his crimes that were unveiled in many court sessions and in the testimony of witnesses, including German security officials. It only emboldens the clerics to continue their espionage and export of terrorism.

Western countries responded meekly to the mullahs' regime in the wake of the Mykonos trial in 1997 which identified the Leader, the President, and the Foreign and Intelligence Ministers as being behind the assassination of dissidents abroad. They thus conveyed the message that the clerics should not fear serious international accountability for their atrocities in and out of Iran.

In the course of Khorsand's trial, German security officials testified that even after the Mykonos verdict, the Intelligence Ministry's intelligence-gathering operations for planning and carrying out terrorist attacks on Iranian dissidents on German soil have continued.

On the basis of these testimonies, Khorsand was a "well-trained" agent of the Intelligence Ministry and was engaged for several years in intelligence-gathering operations and reconnaissance in preparation of terrorist activities against the Iranian Resistance on German soil. In order to receive the necessary training and instructions, he traveled several times to Iran and other countries, such as Turkey and Malaysia which are used as contact points by the Intelligence Ministry.

In view of the Berlin court ruling, the Iranian Resistance emphatically calls on the German government to end its policy of appeasing the mullahs and close down the clerical regime's embassy, consulates, official and semi-official offices in Germany in order to deny the mullahs' agents the chance to roam German soil with impunity.

Today, agents of the clerical regime's dreaded secret police enjoy freedom of action in Germany while European countries are well aware that in the past few months, mullahs' terrorist attacks and plots outside Iran have dramatically increased.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 20, 2000

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