Iranian Resistance condemns visit to Iran by Swiss Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the visit to Iran by Switzerland's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Franz von Daniken and denounces any aid to the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship, which it considers as being against the supreme interests of the Iranian people.

The trip comes against the backdrop of continuing grave violation of human rights in Iran. The UN General Assembly adopted last month the forty-fifth resolution by UN bodies condemning human rights violations in Iran. Only last week, seven people were hanged in public and seven prisoners had their fingers amputated in a mass punishment in Iran.

Two-and-a-half years after Khatami became president, and especially after his direct role in the suppression of students demonstrations and popular uprisings in July in Tehran and 17 other cities, he is undoubtedly not a man of reform and is no different from other criminal mullahs ruling the country.

With the aggravating power struggle within the regime, the rising operations and activities of the Resistance and popular uprisings in different cities across the country all pushing the mullahs' regime to the brink, any political or economic investment in this regime is doomed to fail. Such assistance to the mullahs only arouses the repugnance of the Iranian people, who are determined to overthrow this medieval dictatorship.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 22, 2000

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