Two women hanged in Iran
-Mullahs force children to watch mom's execution

Tehran's state-run newspapers reported on Thursday, January 27, that Massoumeh Fathi, a woman, was hanged in the northwestern city of Tabriz on charges of killing a member of the "Central Headquarters for Enjoning Good and Forbidding Evil under the command of the Revolutionary Guards."

The government-run daily, Hamshahri, reported on Thursday that another woman, Alieh Moradi, was hanged in Kermanshah Prison in western Iran. The clerical authorities forced her two children, Hamidreza and Gholmreza, to watch their mother being handegd. A man named Farhang Moradi was hanged in Kermanshah at the same time.

Unable to contain the growing antigovernment protests and demonstrations, and in a bid to overshadow the power struggle between rival factions, which is heating up as elections for the mullahs' Majlis approaches, the regime has resorted to more public hangings and other repressive measures

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 28, 2000

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