Young, disenchanted people punish mullahs' agents of suppression

The state-run newspaper Abrar reported yesterday that two Revolutionary Guards in the State Security Forces in the southern city of Yazd were killed "and the assailants fled the scene after opening fire on the officers."

In another incident in the southern city of Minab on Sunday, January 23, young men in a city district confronted a group of eight suppressive agents of the Revolutionary Guards' notorious paramilitary Bassij, who were harassing the local residents. Ali Firouzi, a Bassij member, was killed in the clashes.

In recent months, a large number of Revolutionary Guards, Bassij members, and State Security Forces officers have been killed in clashes with young, disenchanted people in different parts of the country. The state-owned daily, Kayhan, wrote on January 23: "Thugs and hooligans have not been given a lesson and have in fact been emboldened in recent days. They are attacking (the Revolutionary Guards and Bassij members), wounding and martyring them. It is incumbent on the judiciary to take legal steps against this phenomenon."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 28, 2000

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