In Davos, Iranian protesters hurl paint-filled, rotten eggs at Kharrazi's car

At 8:15 am on Saturday, January 29, a group of Iranians shouting "Terrorist Kharrazi out of Davos," "Down with Khatami" and "Down with the terrorist," threw rotten eggs and paint-filled eggs at the car carrying Kamal Kharrazi, the mullahsÕ Foreign Minister, as he was heading for a session of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort.

The eggs hit Kharrazi's car from both sides and much of the carÕs body was covered with paint.

The act of protest took place outside Meierhof Hotel, where Kharrazi and members of his accompanying delegation are staying. The protest drew the attention and interest of local Swiss residents and the guests and journalists who have come to Davos to cover the World Economic Forum.

The anger and fury that Kharrazi's trip to Switzerland has generated among Iranians show how hated and unpopular the ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship in Iran is in the eyes of the Iranian people. This also proves once again that the officials of this regime have no mandate or legitimacy from the Iranian people to represent Iran in international forums and conferences.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 29, 2000

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