Statement No. 3
For third time, Iranian protesters in Davos hurl paint-filled, rotten eggs at mullahs' diplomat-terrorists

At about 8:30 pm yesterday, a group of protesting Iranians and families of victims of political executions and political prisoners in Iran threw several paint-filled and rotten eggs at mullahs' Central Bank Governor Mohsen Nourbakhsh and Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad-Hossein Adeli in Davos, Switzerland, while they were being interviewed by the reporter of the Iranian state television.

The Iranian dissidents staged their protest and chanted slogans against the mullahs' crimes against humanity, while the two senior officials of the regime were being protected by a large number of Revolutionary Guards.

The spectacle of mullahs' diplomat-terrorists being splashed with paint and Iranians' protests against torture, executions and terror in Iran were met with the positive response of visiting dignitaries and journalists present at the scene and they were openly supporting the Iranian protesters.

The Revolutionary Guards attacked the protesting Iranians, kicking and beating them, but they faced the strong reaction of visitors and foreign dignitaries at the scene and the Iranians' slogans against the terrorist mullahs and had to leave the scene.

A member of the regime's delegation shouted in the lobby: "We keep telling the police that the Mojahedin are after us, but they do nothing and give us no security staff or vehicles."

Kamal Kharrazi and the accompanying delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos were the targets of three "egg attacks" by Iranian protesters yesterday.

The anger and fury of Iranians against the ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship in Iran shows that this regime has no legitimacy and in no way represents the Iranian people.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 30, 2000

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