Statement No. 4
For fourth time, Iranian protesters in Davos hurl paint-filled, rotten eggs at mullahs' delegation
Kharrazi cut short his trip and returned to Tehran

At about 10 am yesterday, a group of protesting Iranians and families of victims of political executions and political prisoners in Iran threw several paint-filled and rotten eggs at mullahs' diplomat-terrorists and chanted slogans against the crimes committed by the regime in Iran.

The Iranian dissidents staged their protest while members of the regime's delegation were being protected by a large number of Revolutionary Guards.

This was the fourth time in two days that Iranian protesters were attacking mullahs' diplomat-terrorists at the World Economic Forum in Davos with paint-filled eggs.

Paint splashed on the face and suit of Kharrazi's deputy made people present at the scene laugh and ridicule the diplomat-terrorist. Iranians chanted "Down with Khatami" and "Down with Terrorists" and were applauded and encouraged by those present at the scene.

In the course of the protest, one of the terrorists savagely attacked and beat up a young woman supporter of the Mojahedin and she suffered several cuts on her head.

In the wake of constant protests by Iranians who were following the mullahs' delegation every step of the way, and after being the target of paint-filled eggs twice on Saturday, mullahs' Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi abruptly cut short his visit and left for Tehran at around midnight on Saturday evening. On Sunday, the Iranian state radio and television announced: "Several Mojahedin members attacked cars carrying Mr. Kharrazi on three different occasions and threw paint bombs at them. It has been reported that while the police had been informed of the first and second attacks, but unfortunately they took no action and the Mojahedin again attacked Mr. Adeli, Mr. Kharrazi's economics adviser, last night."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 31, 2000

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