42 prisoners hanged in West Tehran suburb of Karaj

The government-run daily Aftabe Emrouz reported yesterday that 22 prisoners have been hanged on "drug-related charges" in Rajaishahr Prison in the West Tehran suburb of Karaj over the past two months. The report added that 20 other prisoners in the same prison were hanged in September on the same charges.

This bring to 42 the total number of prisoners hanged in the past five months in just one suburban prison.

In its January 5 issue, Aftabe Emrouz daily quoted Ali Mir-Khalili, a deputy in the clerical regime's Majlis, as telling the forum: "The State Security Forces are putting pressure on the people on various pretexts. Some SSF agents beat up people severely on the pretext that they are drug addicts or are smugglers. They murder people and then justify the killings by just saying that the victim was a drug trafficker."

Intelligence officials of the mullahs' regime had previously admitted that the "narcotics traffic" through Iran is in the hands of the Intelligence Ministry. Akbar Ganji, a former Revolutionary Guards commander and intelligence official of the regime, said in an interview with Arya newspaper on December 4, 1999: " One of the projects undertaken by the Ministry of Intelligence was drug trafficking, which generates huge revenues."

The Iranian Resistance has declared on numerous occasions and on the basis of reliable and confirmed information that the ruling religious dictatorship in Iran executes political prisoners under the pretext of drug smugglers in order to evade international censure of its crimes.

The Iranian Resistance calls on international anti-narcotics agencies and human rights organizations to condemn this crime. It urges those Western governments offering political support and military and financial assistance to the mullahs' regime under the pretext of fighting drugs to cut off all such aid to the Tehran rulers.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 31, 2000

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