Planes collide at Tehran airport: two colonels, three captains and two lieutenants of mullahs' Air Force were killed

A C-130 Hercules military transport plane of the Iranian regime's Air Force collided at 10:30 local time this morning with an Airbus passenger aircraft at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport. According to reports from Iran, the military plane's seven crew members - all of them Air Force officers - were killed in the ensuing blaze. Their names were as follows:

- Colonel Hossein Abedi, pilot and commander of the aircraft
- Colonel Alizadeh, navigator
- Captain Kioomars Mahmoudi, loadmaster
- Captain Rastegar, crew chief
- Captain Salbi, flight engineer
- 1st Lieutenant Seyyed Salehi
- 2nd Lt. Rahmani Qoreishi

The C-130 developed a mechanical failure while taking off and, as a result, collided with the Airbus. The military plane was full of fuel and this resulted in a huge ball of fire which prevented firemen from approaching the planes.

With the mullahs' army conducting war games in the western and southwestern areas of the country in the past few days, three to four C-130 planes have been taking off from Mehrabad Airport every day to ferry troops, supplies and military hardware to Ahwaz, Ilam and Kermanshah, where the exercises are underway.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 2, 2000

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