New repressive measures in the run-up to Majlis elections

The clerical regime in Iran has stepped up its jamming of Mojahedin's radio station, Voice of Mojahed, and has launched a nation-wide "dish-hunt" to confiscate satellite receivers and antennas as part of the mullahs' latest efforts to prevent the people from hearing the Iranian Resistance's calls for a total boycott of the sham parliamentary elections to be held on February 18. The boycott calls and their impact on the people have alarmed the ruling clerics. In addition, the mullahs' regime has recently started strong jamming of Persian-language radio broadcasts by foreign governments into Iran

The state-run Entekhab daily wrote on Wednesday: "In their efforts to discover satellite receivers, some government agents have been charging into people's homes and treating them with disrespect. They are conducting searches and spying on the people, rather than carrying out their duties. Yesterday government agents carried out simultaneous raids on houses in Arman Street, Vanak Square (north Tehran) and seized 20 satellite dishes."

The state-run newspapers reported that in the past two weeks "738 satellite receivers have been seized by the (paramilitary) Bassij forces in Bandar Lengeh (southern Iran)." A separate report said that "15 satellite receivers and 48 LMBs were confiscated on a ferry in (the southern port of) Khorramshahr." The press reported earlier that 25 satellite dishes had been "discovered and confiscated" in Khorramshahr.

The mullahs' regime has made the possession of satellite dishes and related equipment illegal.

The state-subsidized Akhbar-e Eqtesad expressed concern in a report on September 25 that "30 percent of the population of Tehran and most of the people in border provinces are exposed to satellite television from abroad and TV broadcasts from neighboring countries." The daily warned that "television broadcasts belonging to political groups opposed to the Iranian regime enjoy a viewership which is several times higher than the number of people who read the '2nd Khordad' (pro-Khatami) dailies. These satellite programs are within easy reach and in them, the worst types of insults are made against clerical and political figures (of the regime) and the people are incited to overthrow the regime."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 10, 2000

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