Mullahs' regime says Rushdie death decree still valid, needs to be enforced
Kharrazi: Fatwa on Rushdie is irrevocable

On the anniversary of Khomeini's anti-Islamic death decree (fatwa) for Salman Rushdie, the Revolutionary Guards Corps, the Islamic Propaganda Organization and several other state agencies and institutions have issued statements emphasizing that "the fatwa of Imam Khomeini on the renegade Rushdie is firm and irrevocable."

The statements quoted Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as saying: "The fatwa is based on God's words and, like God's words, it is impregnable and inviolable."

The Iranian state television reported today: "At a press conference in Tehran today, Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said in connection with the latest statement by the Islamic Propaganda Organization on the need to carry out the death decree on Rushdie: 'The fatwa is irrevocable and there has never been any talk about rescinding it.'"

The ruling clerics' emphasis on the need to implement the anti-Islamic and criminal fatwa for Rushdie's death shows clearly that the so-called "Cook-Kharrazi accord" in 1998 was merely a shameful deal to facilitate trade ties.

The appeasement policy of the British Foreign Office vis-a-vis the criminal mullahs ruling Iran has only encouraged and strengthened the mullahs' policy of export of terrorism and fundamentalism. The ruling religious dictatorship, facing an acute internal crisis and incapable of stemming the rise of the nationwide Resistance, finds itself in dire need of such policies in order to delay its inevitable downfall.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 14, 2000

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