Iran-Majlis Elections- No. 4
Widespread boycott in Khuzistan, Isfahan provinces

Latest reports from Iran:

1. The turnout in Khuzistan Province has been extremely low. The boycott has been more widespread in cities such as Haftgel, Masjid Soleiman, Shushtar and Gatvand, where antigovernment protests and uprisings in recent weeks have been suppressed brutally.

Yesterday and today, these cities have been under tight control of the State Security Forces and the Revolutionary Guards Corps. A large number of non-indigenous repressive forces from other regions have also been stationed in these cities.

The report to the Interior Ministry's central election HQ from Khuzistan Province's election HQ in Ahwaz indicates that most ballot boxes were empty.

2. In Isfahan Province, the boycott has also been widespread. Fearing the lack of votes, officials in the province have arranged for motorcades to cities and villages to collect votes, forcing the people in small cities and villages to cast their votes.

There have also been clashes between rival factions in a number of polling stations in the city of Isfahan.

3. A sonic bomb was discovered and neutralized in front of the governor's office in the northwestern city of Orumieh.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 18, 2000

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