Iran-Majlis Elections- No. 5
Widespread rigging in polling stations

Reports from within the clerical regime point to widespread rigging in today's election farce throughout the country. The regime's factions were stuffing ballot boxes with fake votes for their candidates. A number of them as reported to the central election HQ in the Interior Ministry or to the Guardians council are as follows:

1. In Tehran's 19th electoral district, the mostly pro-Khamenei staff at the polling station stuffed the ballot boxes with ballots carrying Rafsanjani's name.

2. In Tehran's 13th electoral district, the staff of polling station No. 1251 in Ali-bin-Abitaleb Mosque located at Chahar-goush square took advantage of the absence of the Guardians Council and stuff the ballot boxes with many ballots for pro-Khatami candidates.

3. The central election HQ received reports on four cases of major rigging in Tehran's 14th district, three by Khatami's and one by Khamenei's faction, where fraudulent ballots have been stuffed in the boxes.

4. In Tehran's 8th district, there has been widespread rigging at the Imam Hossein Mosque polling station.

5. Those in Khatami's faction in Tehran's 11th district stuffed the boxes with many fraudulent ballots,

6. In Isfahan, the pro-Khatami governor ordered the Interior Ministry officials to arrange motorcades and travel to townships and villages in order to coerce the local people to cast their vote.

7. In Lamard in Fars province, the Interior Minister's brother who is a candidate has secured many votes by distributing flour and other basic needs of the population free of charge. The province's governor has also worked to rig the voting in his favor.

8. The rigging in Lorestan province has been quite large relative to the population of the province. Officials in the central election HQ in Tehran are concerned that the Guardians Council might nullify the election results.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in widespread rigging in more than 36,000 polling stations which lays bare the colossal dimensions of rigging and fraud in the elections by the clerical regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 18, 2000

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