Iran-Majlis Elections- No. 7
Only 17 percent of electorate voted in mullahs' Majlis elections

The Mojahedin Command inside Iran reported on the basis of its monitoring of thousands of polling stations throughout Iran that yesterday's Majlis elections in Iran was widely boycotted by the people.

The report said that only about 7.5 million people cast their votes in the sham elections, which is approximately 17 percent of the electorate. This was despite the mullahs' deafening propaganda and all the preparations and rigging and "predictions" by the regime's Supreme Leader.

The official Iranian news agency, IRNA, quoted the Deputy Interior Minister for parliamentary and legal affairs on November 26, 1998, as saying that 43,275,000 people have the right to vote. Now, more than a year later, the mullahs' regime has put the number of those eligible to vote at 38.7 million, or 4.5 million less, in a bid to inflate the percentage of those who voted. The clerical regime habitually exaggerates the number of voters in its election masquerades four to five times higher than the actual figures.

In yesterday's Majlis elections, the ruling clerics were so fearful of public protests and demonstrations that they staged an unprecedented mobilization of its suppressive forces, deploying the Revolutionary Guards, the paramilitary Bassij, the State Security Forces, the Ministry of Intelligence and the Army to control the situation.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 19, 2000

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