People of Shadegan, Shoush in Khuzistan Province stage heroic uprising

Last night and today, residents of Shadegan in the oil-rich Khuzistan Province staged major anti-government protests against high prices and unemployment. They attacked the centers of suppression and government buildings. The Governor's Office, the Imam [Khomeini's] Aid Committee, the Construction Crusade building, the Municipality building and the Communications Department in the city as well as dozens of military and government vehicles were set on fire.

Local suppressive forces where unable to confront the residents and large groups of Revolutionary Guardsmen from Ahwaz and other cities rushed to the city to put down the uprising. They opened fire on the crowd, killed at least eight and wounding dozens.

A number of special anti-riot units of the Revolutionary Guards were ferried to the city by helicopters. The Guards arrested hundreds of youth in the city but have failed to quell the protest.

In another development, this afternoon, thousands of people in Shoush (Khuzistan Province) attacked the city's Governor's Office, breaking its windows and damaging large parts of the building. The protest was over the regime's suppressive policies and the city's dismal state of economy.

The demonstrators set several vehicles of the Governor's Office on fire. The swelling crowd has been marching in other streets in the city. Chanting "death to Khamenei, death to Khatami," the protesters have attacked government buildings, banks, government offices, a State Security Forces' station and the home of the Friday prayer leader, breaking their windows and setting the buildings on fire.

Large groups of Revolutionary Guards have rushed to the city from neighboring towns. The clashes have been so widespread that they have not been able to put down the uprising.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 19, 2000

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