Iran - Majlis elections - No. 10
Demonstrations and bloody clashes in 7 provinces
Teenagers and children among demonstrators killed by Revolutionary Guards

The Mojahedin Command inside Iran reported today that widespread unrest in different parts of the country in the wake of the mullahs' fake elections has left behind dozens of casualties. Some of these incidents are as follows:

1. In Borujen in the central province of Chaharmahal, about 3,000 people staged a protest demonstration on Saturday and threw stones at the governor's office and several other government buildings, smashing their windows. On Saturday evening, a crowd of 2,000 residents gathered outside the governor's office and chanted slogans against the fake elections. In Gandoman, near Borujen, some 2,000 infuriated residents attacked the local governor's office. The governor, fearing for his life, fled the town. Revolutionary Guards tried to disperse the crowd by using tear gas and firing shots. Violent clashes continued for several hours.

2. 5,000 residents of Kovar in Fars Province (southern Iran) staged a sit-in outside the governor's office to protest against election rigging. Despite efforts by a variety of officials, including the governor of Shiraz, to bring the protest to an end, the sit-in was still continuing this morning.

3. Two protest demonstrations took place in the city of Orumieh in the northwestern province of West Azerbaijan. The protesters chanted slogans rejecting the Majlis elections.

4. The daily Kayhan reported yesterday that a large group of residents in Dasht-e Azadegan in the southwestern province of Khuzistan attacked the local governor's building. Dozens of teenagers were killed or wounded when Revolutionary Guards opened fire on the crowd. Baqer Amiri, 18, Hossein Khamisi, 14 and Moqaddam, 18, were among those killed by the Revolutionary Guards. Infuriated crowd then rampaged through the streets, chanting slogans against the mullahs' regime. They attacked several government buildings, including the Construction Crusade headquarters, the telecommunications department and the mayor's office. Many government buildings were severely damaged in the attacks. The clashes continued until the evening.

5. State-controlled dailies wrote that during the demonstration by the people of Shoush (Khuzistan Province), five persons, including an eight-year-old child, had been killed.

6. On Saturday, a protest by 10,000 residents of Shoush and thousands more in Shadegan turned into a bloodbath when Revolutionary Guards opened fire. In Shadegan, at least eight persons were killed and 200 arrested.

7. Large groups of people in the city of Kazeroun (Fars Province) staged a protest gathering on Saturday, blocking the Kazeroun-Bushehr highway. The demonstrators also set fire to a government vehicle and broke windows of a bank. Local authorities deployed anti-riot units to disperse the crowd.

8. Armed clashes broke out on Sunday between supporters of two candidates, both from Khatami's faction, in the village of Ab-Bakhshan near Kazeroun. One person was killed.

9. In Nour-Abad (Fars Province), the people staged a demonstration, blocking the town's main road. They set fire to a government vehicle and damaged the governor's office and a number of other government centers. Anti-riot units have been dispatched to the area from the provincial capital, Shiraz.

10. In Touyserkan (Hamedan Province), a number of people staged a demonstration on Saturday in front of the city's Grand Mosque. As the rally grew and anti-government slogans were chanted, the State Security Forces and Intelligence Department agents attacked the crowd and dispersed them. There were other protest actions in Bandar Anzali (Gilan Province), Izeh (Khuzistan Province) and Kohkilouyeh (Kohkilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province).

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 21, 2000

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