Iran - Majlis Elections - No. 13 - URGENT
Joint meeting to decide on Rafsanjani's election result turns into shouting match between feuding factions

A joint meeting of the executive and supervisory boards in the mullahs' Majlis elections degenerated into bitter quarrels and a shouting match between the rival factions, with officials furiously shouting and wearing at each other, according to reports from Tehran. At the time when the report was prepared at 5 pm Tehran time, the meeting had reached no results.

The Rafsanjani faction claims that he has been elected with 25.47 percent of the vote and the issue must therefore be settled. But the Khatami faction says another candidate, Ali-Akbar Rahmani, obtained 8872 votes more than Rafsanjani and the ex-president therefore occupies the thirty-first place and has not won a seat.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 25, 2000

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