Iran - Majlis Elections - No. 14
Intense clashes in Najafabad (central Iran) over election rigging

The city of Najafabad in central Iran has been the scene of extensive clashes and demonstrations between thousands of residents and the clerical regime's suppressive forces since this morning.

Clashes erupted when supporters of two candidates in the Majlis elections engaged in scuffles over widespread electoral fraud in the city.

Thousands of frustrated and disenchanted residents used the brawl as a pretext to stage a mass protest agasint the mullahs' regime and its election farce. The authorities responded by sending in anti-riot units of the State Security Forces to break up any gathering. But the protesters, numbering some 5,000, blocked the roads and chanted slogans against the clerical regime. Sporadic clashes and gatherings continued in the afternoon throughout the city.

Hundreds of nomads from Mamesani region in the southern province of Fars staged a demonstration on Thursday outside the governor-general's office in the city of Shiraz.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 25, 2000

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