National Council of Resistance of Iran strongly condemns mullahs' adoption of new law detrimental to workers' interests

Mr. Abbas Davari, Chairman of the Committee on Labor of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, lambasted an amendment to the clerical regime's Labor Act that was ratified by the Majlis yesterday. The amendment exempts all workshops and businesses which employ five employees or less from the Labor Act.

"The new measure by the mullahs' dictatorship legalizes and sanctions slavery as the world enters the twenty-first century," Mr. Davari said.

The NCR official said that the amendment exempts approximately 80 percent of Iranian workers from the Labor Act. With the country's economy in shambles as a result of the mullahs' policies, the new measure will allow employers to fire workers and employees at whim, thereby swelling the already huge army of the unemployed. Those who are not dismissed, will be deprived of their most elementary occupational rights, such as medical insurance, work-related accident compensation, and pensions.

Mr. Davari said: "The adoption of the new law will aggravate job insecurity and will make matters even worse as far as the disastrous state of safety standards in the work environment is concerned.

He called on Iranian workers to escalate their protests and strikes and rise against the anti-workers legislation by the mullahs' regime. "The only way to end the mullahs' suppression and intimidation against workers and toilers is to overthrow this medieval regime and this will be achieved by the National Liberation Army of Iran with the support of the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people," Mr. Davari said.

Mr. Rajavi called on the International Labor Organization, as well as trade unions and labor syndicates throughout the world, to express their solidarity with Iranian workers and support their legitimate demands.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 28, 2000

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