Rajavi: Mullahs' Majlis election show goes awry

The mullah who chairs the "election supervisory board" in Iran announced last night: "In view of the numerous complaints that the Guardian Council has received on the way the elections were held in the constituency of Tehran, Shemiran, Ray and Islamshahr, and on numerous infringements in this constituency, it is necessary to recount at least a third of ballot boxes in this constituency in order to ascertain proper conduct and respond to the complaints that have been lodged."

Commenting on this development, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, said: "Three days after the announcement of election results, the entire show arranged by the mullahs has gone awry. This comes after reassurances by a string of officials at various levels that they have carried out their tasks with full precision and integrity."

A day after the elections, Khatami's Interior Minister, Moussavi Lari, told journalists inquiring about electoral fraud: "I utterly reject this and I assure everyone that the elections took place with full integrity." Lari stated on February 23 that "all nations and experts have admired" the mullahs' elections "except for the Mojahedin grouplet."

Mr. Rajavi said: "The regime's rival factions have been raising the stake all the time in the past few days, revealing fraudulent practices and rigging by the other side. Now, the Guardian Council, acting on behalf of the mullahs' Supreme Leader, is threatening to annul the election results, particularly after the setback suffered by the Supreme Leader and attempts by Khatami's men to finish off Rafsanjani in a way that he would not even gain a seat in the Majlis."

Addressing those outside Iran who are pinning hopes on the mullahs' medieval regime undergoing reform, Mr. Rajavi said: "The fact that the elections have aggravated the already acute internal crisis of the clerical state is another indication that this illegitimate regime is in the stage of being overthrown. Events of the coming weeks and months will prove this reality more clearly."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 1, 2000

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