Iranian Resistance condemns Italian Foreign Minister's Tehran visit

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the imminent visit to Iran by the Italian Foreign Minister, Mr. Lamberto Dini. The trip is against the supreme interests of the Iranian people and encourages the ruling mullahs in the pursuit of the policies of suppression and export of terrorism.

The trip comes at a time when the mullahs' propaganda on the Majlis election farce has gone awry. The regime's officials are acknowledging openly that the people's participation in this show was minimal and that huge rigging and vote-fixing took place, to the extent that the results of the elections in Tehran have been suspended.

In such circumstances, any attempt to use the election masquerade as a way of legitimizing political and economic ties with the religious, terrorist dictatorship in Iran is doomed to fail.

In the two weeks since the elections, more than 30 cities in 12 provinces across the country have witnessed numerous public protests and uprisings. Dozens of innocent people have been shot dead or wounded in Revolutionary Guards' attacks on demonstrators. The state-run daily, Jomhouri-Islami, wrote in its editorial on February 22: "The principal losers of the infighting of recent years are the clergymen as a whole, regardless of their different tastes or tendencies. Naturally, when the main loser is identified, a little pause can tell us who the main winner is."

Different United Nations bodies have condemned the mullahs' regime in 45 resolutions for its human rights violations. But under Khatami, brutal repression and export of terrorism have continued. 30 months after Khatami took office, and especially after his role in the suppression of the public uprising in different Iranian cities last July, there remains no doubt that he is not a man of reform. The aim of Khatami and his faction is to save the mullahs' rule by attracting foreign aid and support.

Plagued by an aggravating internal crisis and unable to counter the growing Resistance, the mullahs' regime is in the last stage of its rule. Any political or economic investment in this regime is doomed to fail.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 1, 2000

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