Antigovernment protests and demonstrations in 10 cities across Iran

Public protests and demonstrations by disenchanted people in different parts of Iran are growing by the day. In Tehran, Brig. Gen. Gholamreza Ansari, Deputy Commander of State Security Forces announced that the security forces have been placed on alert.

More than a thousand students at Azad (Open) University of Shahr-e Ray in South Tehran staged a large demonstration on Monday, March 6, outside the university building in protest against the regime's suppressive policies, especially the harassment of women students by mullahs' agents. Clashes broke out between students and members of the paramilitary Bassij of the Revolutionary Guards.

A large group of residents of Salehin township in Shahr-e Ray gathered outside the Ministry of Interior building in Tehran on Monday to protest against the government's negligence of the lack of basic amenities in the township.

On the same day, some 400 workers at the Wood Industries Factory in Saveh (south of Tehran) staged a demonstration outside the governor's office to protest against the non-payment of their wages.

A group of relatives and family members of some 70 persons who perished in 1994 when a Fokker passenger plane crashed near Isfahan gathered outside the Justice Department building in Isfahan on Monday, March 6, to protest against the government's failure to proceed with investigations into the crash.

In another demonstration in Isfahan, hundreds of people gathered outside the governor-general's office on Saturday to protest against the doubling of subscription charges for telephone lines. Most of the demonstrators were women.

In the western city of Borujerd, hundreds of workers at the Textile Plant of Borujerd began a protest strike on Monday, March 6. On the same day, hundreds of workers in the western city of Hamedan gathered in the city's Grand Mosque to demonstrate against the new anti-labor legislation.

In the northern city of Sari, hundreds of villagers in Dasht-e Naz region blocked the route leading to an agro-industrial unit belonging to the Foundation of the Deprived, a state conglomerate that is infamous for corruption and embezzlement. The villagers were protesting against the foundation's refusal to return to them the land that had been previously taken away from them. The authorities sent anti-riot units of State Security Forces to the area and they violently suppressed the villagers.

Workers at Khazar-Khaz factory in Tonekabon (northern Iran) blocked the highway to Chalous for tow hours on Sunday, March 5. In western Iran, workers at Miandoab's sugar refinery have gone on strike in protest against the government's negligence of the terrible state of their factory.

The mullahs' security forces made sweeping arrests in the city of Haftgel in Iran's Khuzistan Province. Dozens of people were arrested on Thursday, March 2, as the authorities feared another outbreak of popular upheaval against the regime. Last January, in a major antigovernment upheaval, thousands of angry residents of Haftgel attacked and destroyed a large number of government buildings and security forces' vehicles.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 8, 2000

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