On International Women's Day
Maryam Rajavi calls on Iranian women to step up efforts to overthrow mullahs' misogynous dictatorship

In a message on the International Women's Day, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, called on Iranian women to step up their struggle against the clerical dictatorship in order to overthrow the ruling mullahs and establish democracy and gender equality in Iran.

In the message, broadcast by the Resistance's radio and television channels, Mrs. Rajavi commented on the recent Majlis elections in Iran and said: "Once again there is much ado over the mullahs' internal power struggle as rival factions' infighting over how to divide up the Majlis seats among themselves aggravates. But this time, the mullahs' propaganda balloon burst very quickly as rigging, electoral fraud and fake vote counts of enormous proportions became exposed. This turned the so-called election into a fiasco for the entire regime. The fact that the percentage of women's participation in this election scam was even lower showed that Iranian women despise the mullahs' regime and all its factions and would not rest until this dictatorship is overthrown."

Praising the women of Iran for their active role in the nation-wide antigovernment uprising by students and disenchanted people last July, Mrs. Rajavi said: "Despite all the demagogic claims by [the clerical regime's president] Khatami, the mullahs have stepped up their anti-human pressures and discrimination against women. Implementation of savage punishments such as flogging and stoning to death has increased. The arrest, beating, harassment and humiliation of women for the way they dress, the sexual segregation of medical services, and a host of other misogynous measures and policies have been going on during Khatami's presidency. During this period, 12 people have been stoned to death, five of them women."

The Resistance's President-elect said: "Diametrically opposed to the misogynous and anti-human views and practices of the ruling mullahs, the Iranian Resistance has made the achievement of women's liberation and removal of gender-based oppression a top priority and has led the way in ensuring equality for women and their active presence in political leadership."

Secretariat of the National Council Resistance of Iran
March 7, 2000

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