Iranian Resistance condemns Germany's 480-million-dollar loan to mullahs' regime

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns Germany's Deutsche Bank's decision - and the approval of Hermes insurance group - to grant a 480-million-dollar loan to the terrorist, religious dictatorship ruling Iran. (IRNA, March 20, 2000)

The spread of public protests and discontent, the dramatic rise in the Resistance's activities and operations in Iran and the bloody turn in the mullahs' infighting after the sham and rigged Majlis elections last February foretell of the overthrow of this inhuman regime. In these circumstances, such economic concessions cannot resolve any of this regime's irremediable problems.

While flagrant human rights abuses, including ruthless punishments such as amputating hands, gouging out eyes and stoning continue unabated, economic and political ties with the ruling mullahs run counter to the highest interests of the Iranian people and only embolden the clerical regime to continue the violations of the most rudimentary rights of the Iranian people and export terrorism beyond Iranian borders. Thus, the Iranian people will have no commitment with respect to these loans after the overthrow of the clerical regime.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all members of parliament, parties, political personalities and all advocates of human rights in Germany to voice their protest against such loans. They must not allow inalienable human rights principles to be sacrificed at the altar of short-term economic interests.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Germany
March 22, 2000

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