Mullahs try to conceal Guards Corps' role in assassination attempt on Hajjarian
The Guards Corps sends three perpetrators abroad

While the role of the Revolutionary Guards Corps in the attempt on the life of Saeed Hajjarian is further unveiled everyday, in remarks intended to exonerate the Guards Corps, the clerical regime's Minister of Intelligence stressed yesterday: "The assailants do not have any organizational affiliation... They did this on their own conviction. They are a self-styled group... They have no factional affiliation." In a bid to close the file on this case, he added: "The case must be handed over to the courts immediately so that the accused are punished."

The clerical regime's factions fear that the escalating infighting and revelations about the assassination attempt on Hajjarian and other political murders would unveil the role of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and ultimately that of Khamenei in this attack, undermining the state in its entirety.

The Mojahedin Command in Iran reported that all those involved in the attack on Hajjarian are members of the Guards Corps and the paramilitary Bassij. The Guards Corps has sent at least three of them to a neighboring country to prevent their arrest and the unveiling of the chain of command that ordered the shooting.

A number of Guards Corps commanders are among those directly involved in the attack. Several of those arrested, such as Saeed Asgar, are closely linked to the Ansar-e Hezbollah grouping and to notorious Guardsmen, Hossein Allahkaram and Massoud Dehnamaki. Saeed Asgar's father is the head of the Department of Education in Sahr-e Ray in south Tehran and an active member of Khatami's faction in that region.

Trying to put a lid on further revelations about the role of the Revolutionary Guards, the head of Tehran's Justice Department wrote a letter to the Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Shahroudi yesterday, calling for an urgent, special trial for those arrested. He wrote: "It appears that the internal and external enemies are trying to create confusion and provide wrong and inaccurate reports." In response, the Judiciary Chief underscored that "officials, pertinent individuals and the mass media should be warned that information on this matter must exclusively go through the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Ministry. Otherwise, they will be prosecuted."

The mullahs' Supreme Leader wrote a letter to Khatami on March 19, warning for the first time against dragging in the Guards Corps into this affair. "Some have been so irresponsible that in addition to mentioning the names of individuals, they have raised baseless allegations, undermining responsible and trusted organs, even the Guards Corps and the Bassij, the most trusted guardians of national security," he said.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 26, 2000

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