Rajavi warns of ground offensive by mullahs' forces on Iranian Resistance in wake of U.S. green light

In a letter to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and members of the Security Council, National Council of Resistance President Massoud Rajavi warned today that the mullahs' regime may be on the verge of carrying out a ground offensive or missile attacks, air raids and terrorist assaults on the Iranian Resistance's bases in Iraq, taking advantage of the U.S. State Department's green light and the lies it has disseminated.

A week after the bewildering and unprecedented lies by  the U.S. State Department on March 24 and the release of two satellite pictures with the claim that "Iraq has spent tens of millions of dollars in recent months to build a military headquarters' west of Baghdad for the Mojahedin, the mullahs' regime announced through the editorial of a state-run newspaper: "The US Secretary of State's recent statement confirming the presence of bases belonging to the Mojahedin organization in Iraq, as well as the Baathist regime's logistical and military support for the group can be exploited extensively in the present circumstances to deal with the Iraqi regime as well as the Mojahedin group." It added: "The government and the relevant agencies must embark on acts of deterrence and reprisal (against the Mojahedin) which should certainly not be confined geographically to any specific area such as the border regions." (Abrar daily, April 2, 2000)

The daily wrote: "Under such circumstances, Iran's recourse to deterrent operations, including direct attacks against Mojahedin bases deep inside Iraqi territory in order to force them to pay a price for their blind and illogical operations, is bound to enjoy the support of the international community, particularly in view of the fact that the history of Europe and America is full of examples of legitimate acts of deterrence by governments in order to guarantee their national security by undertaking cross-border military operations."

In a statement on March 24, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran denied the State Department's claims and pointed out that "this dirty campaign serves, first and foremost, the terrorist objectives of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran." But now the mullahs' regime has taken a step further, speaking brazenly about a ground offensive directed against the Mojahedin deep inside Iraqi territory. Moreover, it expects that in the wake of the State Department's position, these attacks "enjoy the support of the international community."

In his letter, Mr. Rajavi urged the UN Secretary General and the Security Council to adopt a clear stance and show the mullahs ruling Iran that the international community would not remain silent in the face of their export of crisis beyond Iran's borders and their terrorist attacks and acts of aggression.

The NCR President called for an unequivocal condemnation of the unscrupulous act and lies of the U.S. State Department against the Iranian Resistance, saying that the ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship in Iran would use this as a green light to flout international law and conventions and to mount a ground offensive and missile, air or terrorist attacks on the Resistance.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 3, 2000

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