Antigovernment protests in Iranian cities
Security forces shot dead child, two young men in Isfahan

The brutal murder of a child and two young men by State Security Forces personnel in three separate incidents in the past few days in the city of Isfahan has aroused much anger among the people.

A young man identified as Babak fell into Zayandehrud River and drowned when SSF agents tried to arrest him on trumped-up charges near the city's Bozorgmehr Bridge. Another young man, Asghar Estaki, was shot dead in Zeinabieh Street by an SSF agent and died later in hospital. A child was also shot by an SSF agent and died in hospital on Tuesday, April 4.

In Sari (northern Iran), villagers in Miandoroud region severely beat up Fazlollah Khoda'i, a government official notorious for his role in the suppression of the people in this region, on Thursday, April 6. Khoda'i's car was badly damaged and its windows were smashed. Backed by senior officials in Tehran, Khoda'i has played a key role in suppressing the deprived villagers in this area and confiscating their lands.

Villagers barricaded the roads going through their village for two days and checked all the cars passing through. The mullahs' regime sent in detachments of State Security Forces to suppress the villagers.

A crowd of angry residents gathered outside the Water and Sewage Board in the central city of Mahallat on Wednesday, April 5, to protest against the severe water shortage in the city. They threw stones at the building and smashed its windows, while shouting slogans against the regime's leaders.

Students at the exclusively-female Fatemieh Medical School in the city of Qom began a sit-in protest at the governor-general's office to voice their anger at the government's failure to address the critical situation of the medical school.

A collision between a train and a car at a level crossing near the northern city of Ghaemshahr on Sunday, April 2, which left behind several dead and wounded, prompted hundreds of local residents to stage a sit-in on the spot and protest against the inaction of the Ministry of Roads and Transport to look into the state of the level crossing, which has been dubbed "the Death Junction."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 8, 2000

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