Detained demonstrators in Khalkhal severely tortured
For third consecutive day, protests and clashes between people and Revolutionary Guards

Three days after the courageous uprising by the people of Khalkhal, northwest Iran, and the destruction of dozens of government and military centers and security forces' vehicles, sporadic clashes continued on Sunday between the protesting youth and Revolutionary Guards across the city.

Hundreds of city dwellers have been arrested in the past three days. Many of the detainees, who include even under-15 teenagers, have been brutally tortured.

Khalkhal's grand bazaar was completely shut down yesterday for the second day running in protest against the regime's suppressive measures. A large number of residents have been staging a protest sit-in at the city's Grand Mosque.

The clerical regime has brought in special anti-riot contingents of Revolutionary Guards from cities as far away as Qazvin, Tabriz and Ardebil. State Security Forces troops have been stationed throughout the city at 50-meter intervals. All roads into the city have been blocked and Revolutionary Guards only allow city residents to pass through, turning others away.

The Iranian Resistance urges the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and international human rights organizations to force the clerical authorities to allow an international mission to visit the detainees and the wounded in Khalkhal.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 10, 2000

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