Piranshahr Uprising, Statement No. 2
- For second night running, 20,000 stage demonstration in Piranshahr
- Anti-riot forces were dispatched from Tehran, at least 500 arrested

Additional reports on the two-day uprising in the western Iranian city of Piranshahr indicate that the large-scale antigovernment protest that began on Monday, continued until late last night.

Around midnight Tuesday, July 4, more than 20,000 people, mostly teenagers, again came out onto the streets and set fire to Guards' vehicles. The enraged protesters also attacked the local Intelligence Department, throwing stones and breaking its window and heavily damaging the building.

Besides sending reinforcements from Orumieh and Miandoab, yesterday the clerical regime dispatched contingents of anti-riot forces from Tehran to Piranshahr. At 11:30 pm last night, the suppressive forces sealed off the city's main streets and squares, including Istighlal street and Istighlal square, and began arresting the demonstrators.

A group of people were wounded as the Guards opened fire. A number of them, who were in critical condition, were hospitalized in Orumieh. At least 500 were arrested and no information is available on their fate.

The State Security Forces and special anti-riot forces are presently patrolling the city and a curfew is imposed. Many shopkeepers closed down their shops on Tuesday in protest against the brutal assault on the demonstrators.

The Iranian Resistance calls on international human rights organizations to take urgent action to save the lives of those arrested.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 5, 2000

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