Antigovernment demonstration erupts in Iran's major port city
Abadan governor acknowledges arrest of at least 20 protesters

Several thousand residents in the southwestern port city of Abadan gathered this morning outside the governor's office to protest against high levels of salt in the city's drinking water, which has made it undrinkable in the past few days.

State security forces were ordered by the city's governor to disperse the protesters. When they used force to do so, violent clashes erupted between infuriated demonstrators and the mullahs' repressive forces. Protesters attacked police stations, government buildings and banks, smashing their windows. Several patrol cars belonging to security forces were set on fire, while demonstrators burnt car tires on the streets.

Crowds of demonstrators in groups of several hundred continued hit -and-run battles throughout the day with Revolutionary Guards and security forces in different parts of the city, including Tayyeb Square. Brutally beating up the protesters, security forces injured or arrested a large number of them.

The protest move was so extensive that the state radio and television were forced to acknowledge the protests in Abadan, albeit in their usually distorted manner. The city's governor, Nazemi, admitted today that at least 20 protesters have been arrested.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 5, 2000

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