Abadan Uprising, Statement No. 2
- Protests erupt again in Abadan this afternoon; hit-and-run battles with Revolutionary Guards continue
- Guards kill four demonstrators; hundreds arrested or wounded

This afternoon, the southwestern port city of Abadan was again the scene of widespread demonstrations by residents enraged over lack of drinking water.

The entire city was rocked by protests, clashes and hit-and-run skirmishes between residents and the clerical regime's suppressive forces.

In the course of these clashes, the Revolutionary Guards and special anti-riot units opened fire on defenseless demonstrators, killing at least four and wounding many more. A 17-year-old was among those killed. Abadan's hospitals have run out of space to take care of the wounded.

The Guards arrested hundreds of protesters in the city's different regions. In the district of Jamshid-Abad alone, at least 50 were arrested.

Zolfaqari, Amiri, Karoun, Lane One and Jamshid-Abad districts were the scene of heaviest clashes. Many government buildings, including the municipality building, communications department, Abadan's Water Authority, and a number of banks were set on fire or damaged. The signboards of most government buildings were pulled down and destroyed. Police and traffic stations were heavily damaged by protesters. Several government vehicles, including five buses belonging to the security forces, were overturned and set on fire.

The people of Abadan blame the mullahs' regime and its leaders for the acute shortage of drinking water in their city and were chanting slogans against the clerical regime's leaders.

Extensive clashes are going on as this report is being dispatched (10:00 pm, Tehran time).

Many Revolutionary Guards, State Security Forces, and the paramilitary Bassij units as well as agents of the Intelligence Ministry, have been sent to Abadan from other locations.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 5, 2000

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