Abadan Uprising, Statement No. 3
- Guards impose martial law in Abadan, open fire on people throughout the city
- At least seven, including boy, 12, teenager, 17, killed, hundreds wounded

After 12 hours of clashes and hit-and-run battles between the people and the clerical regime's suppressive forces throughout Abadan, martial law was imposed on the city starting 10:00 pm local time, last night.

The sound of gun shots did not dissipate from 10:00 pm to midnight and continued sporadically afterwards.

The Revolutionary Guards opened fire and used tear gas to disperse the young people who, in groups of 300 to 400, were continuing their demonstrations in the city's different districts against the ruling religious dictatorship.

Until midnight last night, five bodies of young demonstrators killed due to gun shot wounds were taken to Taleqani hospital. Two more bodies were taken to Raja'i (formerly Koroush) hospital.

One of the dead is Ali Qalizadeh. A 12-year-old boy and a 17-year-old teenager were among those killed. Taleqani and Khomeini hospitals in Abadan have been used exclusively to treat those wounded in the clashes. Other hospitals such as Oil refinery hospital are also used to treat those wounded.

Six of those in critical condition and hospitalized in Taleqani hospital have been identified as Kazemi, Delvari, Farshid Hava, Kourosh Mombini, Kayhan Pour-Nadali, and Alireza Anaq-chi.

To prevent the news of the major uprising by the people of Abadan from spreading, the clerical regime has cut off all mobile phones in Abadan and regular phones in a number of districts. The Guards, Bassijis and security and intelligence agents have sealed off the city's streets, but protests were continuing.

In the course of the uprising, the governor building, all government centers, banks, local state-owned loan offices and dozens of government vehicles, including five buses, were attacked and many of them were set ablaze.

Several battalions of special forces have been assigned to the task of protecting Abadan oil refinery. The people, however, set fire to stations seven and 12, and the refinery's fire station.

At present, heavily-armed Revolutionary Guards, paramilitary Bassij, State Security Forces, Intelligence Ministry agents and anti-riot units are roaming the streets of Abadan. The young people, however, have continued their bold resistance and maintained control over parts of the city.

All roads and highways to the city are blocked and no vehicle is allowed to enter or leave Abadan.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 6, 2000

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