Khatami's entourage to Germany made up essentially of Intelligence Ministry agents
Iranian Resistance calls for expulsion of mullahs' intelligence agents from Germany

Reports indicate that a joint committee consisting of representatives from Khatami's office, the Foreign Ministry and the mullahs' Ministry of Intelligence pursues issues pertinent to Khatami's visit to Germany.

Ali Rabi'i, Khatami's adviser on security and intelligence affairs, ex-Deputy to the Ministry of Intelligence and the current Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, and Jafar Yazdani, a Director General in the Ministry of Intelligence, are following up plans to confront peaceful demonstrations and protests by supporters of the Iranian Resistance. Rabi'i and Yazdani will be accompanying Khatami in his visit.

There are dozens of agents from the Intelligence Ministry and other suppressive organs among Khatami's 100-plus entourage. They are listed as protocol or security staff.

The clerical regime sent a 15-member delegation to Berlin earlier to make the arrangements for the trip. Presently, they work out of the mullahs' embassy in Berlin. Five of them are members of the Ministry of Intelligence whose main task is to gather information on the opposition in Germany. Deputy ambassador Rajabi, and two intelligence officers in the embassy, by the names of Nili and Yousefi, also accompany this delegation.

In a report on the activities of this intelligence group prepared for Rabi'i and Yazdani, Rajabi wrote: "With the arrival of these individuals (five Intelligence Ministry agents) from Tehran, with help from Messrs. Nili and Yousefi and by using our informants and intelligence sources in Berlin, I collect information on demonstrations and protest acts and provide them to relevant German authorities."

The Iranian Resistance points out that the freedom of action enjoyed in Germany by spies and agents of the Ministry of Intelligence has emboldened the mullahs to expand their suppression to the streets of Berlin. It urges the German government to immediately expel the mullahs' intelligence agents and not allow the clerical regime to continue to conspire against its opponents and Iranian political refugees in Germany.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 6, 2000

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