Abadan Uprising, Statement No. 5
- Clashes and demonstrations in Abadan continue in defiance of martial law; number of casualties rising

Thousands of residents of Abadan today defied the martial law imposed on the city and staged protest demonstrations in different districts of the city, which resulted in confrontations with the mullahs' repressive forces.

At 12:30 pm (local time), two demonstrators were shot dead by Revolutionary Guards and seven other protesters were wounded when security forces opened fire on young demonstrators in the city's Tanki-Abolhassan district.

At 10 am, bursts of gunfire could be heard in Lane One neighborhood as Revolutionary Guards fired at demonstrators who were chanting "down with mullahs' regime."

At 8 am, Mojahed Jaafarian, aged 16, was shot dead and a number of protesters were wounded when the security forces opened fire on them in Tanki-Abolhassan district.

In defiance of the trigger-happy Guards and paramilitary Bassij agents roaming in the city, thousands of Abadan residents flocked to the city's cemetery today to take part in the funeral of several martyrs of their two-day uprising.

Brave young Abadanis have baffled the security forces by gathering in groups and throwing rocks at the Guards, dispersing quickly and regrouping in another area of the city.

A large number of plainclothes agents of the Intelligence Ministry have been patrolling the streets of Abadan since the morning, looking for "troublemakers." Contingents of Revolutionary Guards, Bassijis, State Security Forces and special anti-riot police remain stationed throughout the vitally important oil port.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 6, 2000

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