Abadan Uprising - Statement No. 7
- Government-organized counter-demonstration in Abadan turns into flop
- Names of two more martyrs of uprising

Today's government-organized counter-demonstration in Abadan turned into a flop, despite the mullahs' efforts to mobilize members of the Revolutionary Guards and the paramilitary Bassij from all over Khuzistan Province to take part in the gathering. The number of participants did not even reach 1500, while the state-run media have been urging the public to take part in the counter-demonstration and various state and government departments and agencies had declared their intention to take part in the event.

The counter-demonstration was due to begin at 10:30 am, but few had turned up by then and the demonstration began with a half-hour delay. All the participants were members of the Revolutionary Guards and the paramilitary Bassij and were taunted and scorned by the people of Abadan, who have been infuriated by the savage crackdown on their protests.

In the mass uprising of the people of Abadan on Wednesday and Thursday, at least 19 protesters have been killed and hundreds arrested. Hospitals in Abadan are still full of young and adolescent protesters shot by the Revolutionary Guards. Two other martyrs of the uprising have been identified as Abdollah Mombini and Sadegh Hamadi.

On Thursday afternoon, a large crowd attended the funeral of some of the martyrs in the city's cemetery.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 7, 2000

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