2,000 students stage demonstration in front of Tehran University to mark July uprising
At least 40 students arrested, held in Tehran 148th police precinct
Names of 23 detained students revealed

Around noon today, 2,000 students held a protest gathering in front of Tehran University to mark the anniversary of the savage onslaught by the Revolutionary Guards and the clerical regime's repressive forces on Tehran University's dormitory and the uprising by students and the people of Tehran.

In holding this gathering, the students ignored repeated statements by Khatami's faction calling on the students to refrain from staging any demonstrations and warning that it will confront any such student protests.

The Revolutionary Guards, State Security Forces and Intelligence Ministry agents were stationed around Tehran University since early this morning. They encircled the students at around 1:00 pm, local time.

Using bull horns, the commander of the forces on the scene warned the protesting students that "intelligence agents are among you and all of you have been identified."

Subsequently, the suppressive forces attacked the students who were chanting "free all political prisoners," "freedom of thought impossible with beard," and "guns, tanks, Bassijis, are no longer effective."

In the ensuing clashes, dozens of students were arrested and many were injured. At least 40 of those detained were taken to Tehran's 148th police precinct, where they are currently being held. The names of 23 of them are attached.

Afterwards, special anti-riot units equipped with helmets, shields and truncheons took position in front of Tehran University's main gate. As this report was being filed, (5:00 pm local time), the students remained outside the University and continued their protest.

During today's assault on the students, members of the Office to Strengthen Unity were cooperating with the State Security Forces to disperse the protesters, claiming that they are trying to keep the situation calm.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 8, 2000

The names of 23 of the arrested students appear below:

1. Hossein Norouzi
2. Rahmat Fakhrpour
3. Ehsan Mohammadi
4. Mohammad Reza Sadeghi
5. Hamid Afshar
6. Peyman Abbasi
7. Majid Isavand
8. Erfan Sadeghi
9. Mostafa Norouzi
10. Abbas Rassouli
11. Hassan Hosseini
12. Alireza Haj-Mohammad Yazdi
13. Sabzeali Shahmoradi
14. Farrokh Roshanai
15. Ehsan Eftekharpour
16. Akbar Rafii
17. Kourosh Miadi
18. Hossein Taqizadeh
19. Ruzbeh Sadrara
20. Hamid Reza Yazdanpanah
21. Ayyoub Lorestani
22. Mehdi Sanjari Baft
23. Mehdi Reza

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