Iran-Unrest Spreading
- Popular demonstrations and uprising spread in different Iranian provinces

Latest reports on antigovernment demonstrations and unrest in different parts of Iran:

1. Yesterday, Tehran's 7th of Tir square was the scene of intense clashes between the people and Revolutionary Guards known as Ansar-e Hezbollah. Pro-Khamenei hooligans using machetes and knives attacked the demonstrators who were chanting "death to mullahs' regime" and "tanks, guns, Bassijis are no longer effective."

More than 100 students and other protesters were injured. Teenagers reacted by hurling stones at the attackers who enjoyed the protection of heavily armed Guards.

2. About 5:00 pm, yesterday, when hundreds of students of Isfahan's University gathered on campus to honor the anniversary of the student uprising, the regime's suppressive forces launched a brutal assault, beating many of them and arresting dozens of students.

3. Last night, hundreds of young people gathered in Abadan's Amiri region. Chanting "death to the clerical regime," they began to march. When the State Security Forces and the Bassij came to scene to stop them, the protesters responded by throwing stones. Clashes and hit-and-run skirmishers continued until 9:00 pm.

4. Yesterday, hundreds of people in Mahalat (central Iran), gathered in front of the governor's office to protest against severe water shortages. After scuffles with local officials, they attacked the building and shattered its windows. The enraged crowd then attacked a number of other government building and centers and inflicted damages on them.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 9, 2000

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