Iranians demonstrate in 18 major cities of Europe, U.S. and Australia to condemn mullah regime's criminal missile attack on Mojahedin basecamps

Following the clerical regime's missile attack this morning against the base camps of the Mojahedin and a number of Iraqi cities, Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance staged protest rallies in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Melborne, Ottowa, Washington, D.C., Houston, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Bremen, Cologne and Bonn.

The religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran launched at least 66 proscribed missiles and weapons of mass destruction on seven base camps of the Mojahedin and six Iraqi cities from north to south along the border. A number of innocent Iraqi citizens and civilians residing in the area were killed or wounded particularly in Jalawla and Basra. One Mojahedin member, Reza Zahmatkesh, 38, was slain.

Protesters called on the UN Secretary General and the Security Council as well as all governments to frimly condemn this unprecedented crime. They expressed their indignation at this attack and paid tribute to its victims. They underlined their intention to support the Mojahedin and Iranian Resistance until the regime is overthrown.

The demonstrators chanted, "Death to Khamanei," "Death to Khatami," "Sever all ties with mullahs' regime." Their placards called on western governments to punish the clerical regime by imposing oil and arms sanctions on the regime for using weapons of mass destruction.

The participants in these rallies accused western countries of appeasing and palacating the Iranian regime under the pretext of "constructive engagement" and strengthening the bogus "reformist" faction, and thereby emboldening the mullahs in domestic repression and export of terrorism and crises abroad.

Following this criminal attack, National Council of Resistance of Iran President Massoud Rajavi said: "The scale of today's missile attacks and the use of Scud missiles as weapons of mass destruction show that the mullahs' regime is determined to export crisis only weeks ahead of presidential elections."He added: "Mullahs began this crisis-mongering with the arrests in Tehran and other cities in recent weeks. Now, the export of crisis beyond Iran's borders reaches unprecedented escalation with dozens of scud missiles. The mullahs' election masquerades have outlived their usefulness for the regime and the time has come for weapons of mass destruction, export of crisis and warmongering."

The joint resolution to the protest rallies in 18 major capitals, read in part: "Today's missile attack on Mojahedin base camps and Iraqi cities, once again showed that the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran is the most serious threat to Middle East peace and tranquillity in the region. So long as this regime is in power, this strategic region of the world will not experience peace and tranquillity."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 18, 2001

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