Mullahs' regime accepts responsibility for missile attacks
Mr. Rajavi calls on UN Secretary General to condemn these criminal attacks and assign a fact-finding mission.

Twenty-eight hours after its missile attacks on Mojahedin camps and Iraqi cities, the Iranian regime accepted responsibility for this act of aggression.

The admission came 24 hours after National Council of Resistance President Massoud Rajavi called for the condemnation of this outlaw action by the UN Secretary General and the Security Council and after international news organizations broadcast news and films of these murderous crimes throughout the world.

The official news agency, IRNA, reported this morning that the mullahs' UN ambassador had written a letter to the Security Council saying that in "the operation which was carried out from 04:15 a.m. until 07:30 am, Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, Camp Anzali in Jalawla, Camp Faezeh in Kut, Camp Habib in Basra, Camp Homayoun in Al-Amarah and Camp Bonyad Alavi in Mansourieh, were attacked."

In a transparent attempt to justify this crime and evade its international repercussions, he claimed that "these limited and appropriate operations were aimed at halting the attacks against Iran launched by the Munafeqin with Baghdad's support from inside Iraqi soil and should not be interpreted as a measure against Iraq's territorial integrity."

These preposterous claims are made while most of the missile hit residential areas and all news outlets reported that a large number of Iraqi civilians were killed, wounded or made homeless. Contrary to the claim by the mullahs' ambassador, the firing of missiles continued after 7:30 am. Mouzarmi and Homayoun camps were hit at around 9:00 am.

This afternoon, in a letter to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council, Mr. Massoud Rajavi emphasized that the missile attack was an attempt to export crisis ahead of the mullahs' presidential elections. "The mullahs began this crisis-mongering with arrests in Tehran and other cities in recent weeks. Now, the export of crisis beyond Iran's borders reaches unprecedented escalation with dozens of Scud missiles," he added.

Mr. Rajavi said now that the mullahs have so impudently accepted responsibility for these attacks, there is an even greater need to condemn their outlaw conduct. He added that the time has come for the UN Security Council to respond to the mullahs' unbridled terrorism and breach of international law and adopt binding decisions. Otherwise, the ruling clerics will interpret the international community's inaction as green light to continue and expand their crimes.

The NCR President added: "Linking Mojahedin operations inside Iran to Iraq is a sheer lie which no-one takes seriously. How can one target the Intelligence Ministry, the command headquarters of the mullahs' armed forces and the Revolutionary Guards as well as special anti-riot forces, etc., in the heart of Tehran from the Iraqi border, 700km away." "Blaming the Resistance's operations inside Iran on the United States, Israel and Iraq, among others, is nothing new and only reminiscent of the propaganda by the Shah's regime in the final stage of its rule, when popular uprisings were blamed on 'those outside the borders,'" he said.

Mr. Rajavi called on the UN Secretary General to assign a mission to address and investigate yesterday's missile attack. He said documents and evidence of this crime, as well as documents and traces of 107 other terrorist attacks by the Iranian regime against the Iranian Resistance in the past few years are available and could be submitted to that mission.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 19, 2001

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