Rajavi: Mullahs' regime has taken a long leap toward its grave

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance and Commander in Chief of the National Liberation Army of Iran, today underscored the inalienable right of the Mojahedin and the Iranian people to respond to the mullahs' regime, whose latest crime against humanity, the firing of 77 surface-to-surface missiles, is before the world public. Mr. Rajavi made the following declaration:

1. An attack of this magnitude represents a political and strategic turning point in the face-off between the Iranian people, the Resistance and the National Liberation Army of Iran on one side and the mullahs' regime on the other.

The ruling theocracy in Iran, utterly desperate in the face of the Iranian people's rising discontent and fury, the explosive state of society and the political and military blows dealt by the Resistance, has taken a long leap toward its grave. The ruling mullahs' action was consistent with their medieval, anachronous nature.

2. The mullahs' regime will gain nothing from this criminal attack, which only strengthens the resolve of the Iranian people, the Resistance and the Mojahedin to overthrow it.

3. The mullahs bear full responsibility for the consequences of this blatant breach of UN Security Council Resolution 598 and all internationally recognized norms of behavior.

4. The United Nations Security Council must put on its agenda without further delay the issue of the latest crime by the religious, terrorist dictatorship in Iran.

5. The leaders of the mullahs' regime must be indicted by an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

6. Export of terrorism and crisis is intrinsic and indispensable to the religious dictatorship ruling Iran which, until just a few months ago, was bragging about relaxing tensions, desire for peace and good neighborliness. But today, unlike the early years of the regime, Khomeini's successors are weak, engulfed in crises, and beset by internal divisions. To control the situation and contain the feuding between rival factions ahead of the presidential election, the regime inevitably resorted to a desperate act that is a strategic error. The mullahs are the first losers of such foolish games.

7. This episode proves, once again, that any talk of change and reform within this regime is hollow and unfounded. The firing of 77 surface-to-surface missiles and targeting innocent civilians reaffirmed that the clerical regime is the biggest threat to peace and stability in this region of the world. Those who pin hope on political and security pacts with the mullahs are gravely mistaken.

8. The experience of the past two decades has demonstrated that in close, face-to-face combat, the mullahs' Revolutionary Guards, army and intelligence and security forces stand no chance against the Mojahedin and NLA combatants. Thus, the regime will gain nothing from lobbing missiles and cowardly barking from afar.

9. While expressing deep regret and sorrow over the material and human losses inflicted on sanction-stricken Iraqi civilians, it must be reiterated that 120,000 executions, the massacre of 30,000 Mojahedin political prisoners, terrorism and such strategic errors and acts of despair never have and never will undermine the unflinching determination of the Iranian people, the resistance and the National Liberation Army to achieve freedom and popular sovereignty. The fight for freedom and against dictatorship will continue until the overthrow of the mullahs' evil regime and the victory of the Iranian nation.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 20, 2001

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