Rajavi strongly condemns Turkey's shaking hands with mullahs' criminal president

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, strongly condemned the visit to Turkey by the criminal president of the mullahs' regime. He said: Shaking hands with Iran's ruling dictators whose hands are stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents is against the highest interests of the Iranian people and a blatant affront to the peoples of both countries.

Mr. Rajavi warned Turkey against any expansion of relations with the illegitimate mullahs' regime, especially in the fields of military and security. He said: The government of Turkey will not benefit from tying its political future in the region with that of Iran's criminal rulers.

Mr. Rajavi denounced the Turkish government's ill-treatment of Iranian asylum seekers and urged Turkey to respect the principles of human rights and recognize the Iranian people's legitimate right to Resistance. He called on the Turkish government to guarantee the safety and well being of Iranian asylum seekers in that country.

The NCR President noted: Despite some western governments' appeasing policies, the Iranian people and Resistance are determined to topple the mullahs' illegitimate regime and institute peace and democracy in their homeland. Popular protests are spreading everywhere and the recent uprisings of the people of Kermanshah was but a manifestation of the general public's hatred of the mullahs' anti-human regime.

Mr. Rajavi said: The government of Turkey is welcoming Rafsanjani while the number of executions publicly announced this year is triple the same figure last year. The regime's terrorists have assassinated 28 Iranian dissidents in foreign countries this year and the victims of these operations are three times those in 1995.

According to well-founded evidence, the German Federal Prosecutor has accused the leaders of the Tehran regime, including Khamenei and Rafsanjani, of ordering murder of political opponents abroad. The Turkish Prosecutor also gathered evidence in the course of investigations into the murder of Mrs. Zahra Rajabi which implicated the regime's diplomats in Turkey for carrying out the killing. Mrs. Rajabi was a member of the National Council of Resistance who was assassinated on February 20 in Istanbul by terrorists sent from Tehran by the mullahs' Ministry of Intelligence.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
December 19, 1996

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