NCR condemns Russian Foreign Minister's visit to Tehran and arms deal

The National Council of Resistance of Iran condemns the trip to Tehran by the Foreign Minister of Russia and that country's sales of arms to the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship. These are blatant measures against peace and tranquillity in the region and runs counter to the highest interests of the Iranian people who unanimously long for the overthrow of the Khomeini regime and establishment of democracy, peace and justice in their homeland.

Mr. Primakov's visit to Tehran takes place while the UN General Assembly condemned the mullahs' regime some ten days ago for its extensive violations of human rights and export of terrorism. The number of publicly announced executions in 1996 is double the number announced last year and the assassinations of opponents abroad shows a 300% increase compared to 1995.

According to the reports of international news agencies, Russian officials announced their decision recently to step up arms sales to the illegitimate regime ruling Iran. While the regime is surrounded by numerous economic and political crises and finds itself incapable of confronting the growing numbers of popular acts of resistance, Russian arms are the best help it can receive for realizing its ominous objectives of escalating domestic repression and exporting fundamentalism and crises beyond its borders.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran reiterates that the Khomeini regime is doomed to go and its overthrow at the hands of the Iranian people and Resistance cannot be doubted. The NCR urges Russia to stop its arms sales to the mullahs and instead impose a trade embargo against that regime, a measure which is supported by the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
December 23, 1996

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