NCR calls for trial and punishment of murderers of Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi

The court examining the case of Reza Barzgar Ma'ssoumi, a terrorist agent of the clerical regime's Intelligence Ministry, convened today in Istanbul. Massoumi is charged with direct involvement in the cowardly assassination of Mrs. Zahra Rajabi and Mr. Ali Moradi on February 20, 1996 in Istanbul.

A member of the National Council of Resistance, Mrs. Rajabi, had traveled to Turkey in January, heading of an Iranian Resistance's delegation, to investigate the appalling plight of Iranian refugees in that country. She and her colleague, Ali Moradi, a sympathizer of the Mojahedin in Turkey, were slain in their apartment by a hit squad dispatched from Tehran.

Previously, Ma'ssoumi had confessed that upon being informed of Mrs. Rajabi's presence in Turkey, the Intelligence Ministry dispatched an agent to that country to make the necessary arrangements for the assassination. Subsequently, two killers arrived in Turkey and were briefed by Mohsen Kargar Azad and Mohammad-Reza Behrooz Manesh, two consular deputies in Istanbul. Ali Ashraf, the regime's press attache in Ankara, provided them with silencer-equipped weapons and Majid Shadkar, an embassy attache, drove him, two other terrorists and Kargar Azad, the commander of the hit squad, to Mrs. Rajabi's residence.

The National Council of Resistance urges the Turkish government and judiciary to disregard any political and diplomatic consideration and punish the terrorist in custody, and arrest and prosecute other diplomat-terrorists involved in this assassination.

On November 14, based on well-founded evidence, the German Prosecutor announced that the export of terrorism and fundamentalism is directed and commanded by regime's Supreme National Security Council headed by Khamenei, the mullahs' leader. The Federal Prosecutor of Germany accused the leaders of the mullahs' regime, including Rafsanjani, of having directly supervised and issued the order for the murder of four Iranian Kurdish dissidents in September 1992 in Berlin.

The Iranian Resistance once again condemns the visit to Turkey by the mullahs' criminal president and warns against any collusion with the Khomeini regime. The NCR also calls for the closure of the regime's embassy and representative offices which only act as nests of espionage and terror on Turkish soil and endanger the security and safety of Iranian asylum-seekers and dissidents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
December 26, 1996

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