Iranian Resistance strongly condemns mullahs' blackmail of Turkey and demands justice for murderers of Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi

The court of Istanbul which examines the case of two of the murderers of Mrs. Zahra Rajabi, the great martyr to the cause of Iranian Refugees, and her colleague, Ali Moradi will convene again on January 24. The victims were assassinated in Istanbul on February 20, 1996, by the Khomeini regime's terrorists.

The mullahs' religious and terrorist dictatorship has tried all economic and diplomatic means and resorted to every conspiracy in recent months to bring pressure on the government of Turkey and influence the court's verdict. It is thus trying to prevent revelation of the direct role of its terrorist diplomats and condemnation of its Intelligence Ministry agents, one of whom is still imprisoned in Turkey.

This matter was discussed with the Turkish authorities when Rafsanjani and his entourage visited Turkey earlier this year, reliable reports to the Iranian Resistance indicate. Rafsanjani asked the officials in Ankara to quickly terminate this and another trial, prosecuting the murderers of Ali Akbar Ghorbani - a Mojahedin member killed in Istanbul in 1992 - without convicting the regime's agents. Otherwise, Rafsanjani threatened his counterparts, economic relations between the two countries will suffer grave consequences.

One of the murderers, Reza Barzegar Massoumi, member of Tehran's Intelligence Ministry, confessed to the Turkish police that Iranian terrorist diplomats, including Mohsen Kargar Azad, were involved in the assassination of Mrs. Rajabi and Mr. Moradi and another three agents had actually come from Tehran for this terrorist operation. Mohsen Kargar Azad, counselor secretary in Istanbul; Mohammad Reza Behrouzmanesh, counselor secretary; Ali Ashraf, embassy press attach'; and Majid Shadkar, embassy attach', were expelled by the government of Turkey last April for their involvement in the murders of Turkish intellectuals and Iranian dissidents in Turkey.

The assassination of Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi was carried out by the Iranian Foreign Ministry and its embassy in Turkey upon the order issued by Rafsanjani and according to a plan designed by Ali Fallahian, the regime's Minister of Intelligence.

The Iranian Resistance condemns the mullahs' dirty blackmail of Turkey. The NCR also urges the Turkish government and judiciary to punish the murderers of Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi, without being affected by the regime's pressures. The Iranian Resistance also demands that the ambassador and counselor of the mullahs' regime be summoned to testify on the role of their terrorist diplomats in this assassination.

The National Council of Resistance is hopeful that the government of Turkey would adopt a decisive policy towards the Khomeini regime's terrorists and prevent the regime's terrorists from turning that country into the hunting ground for Iranian dissidents as well as innocent citizens, writers and intellectuals of Turkey and even foreign diplomats in that country.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the world's parliaments, international human rights organizations, and international jurists to this conspiracy by the Khomeini regime. The NCR calls on them to urge the Turkish government and judiciary to adopt an unyielding approach towards the terrorist crimes of the mullahs in their country.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
January 20, 1997

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